About Mikey Dubb's

Following several trips to the Midwest where frozen custard has long been a popular treat, I wondered why this delicious ice cream, with its luxurious mouth-feel and supremely satisfying taste, was not readily available in Westchester County? And with that, the story of Mikey Dubb’s began.

I spent 12 months learning everything there is to know about frozen custard and what makes it so special. And then I focused on how I was going to make Mikey Dubb’s Frozen Custard better still.

Frozen custard IS ice cream, but unlike other ice creams, our product contains only 20% air by volume, which creates a much denser, creamier texture (after your first taste, you’ll know what I mean). Next, a bit of egg yolk, which further enhances that sumptuous mouthfeel and allows us to serve the frozen custard at a warmer temperature than ice cream (say good-bye to brain freeze)! Finally, and critically important to our commitment to deliciousness, it’s all about FRESHNESS! When you order a frozen custard treat -- whether it’s in a cup, cone, shake, sundae, or concrete -- at Mikey Dubb’s, we will only serve you today’s FRESH product. Guaranteed.

We’re also proud to serve our store-made Italian ices, in a variety of flavors, that offer a creamier, fresher taste than other ices you may have tried. And we have options to satisfy our vegan customers. The story of Mikey Dubb’s carries on with each person who walks through our door and experiences our vacation-like atmosphere, friendly service, and delectable frozen dessert treats. Thank you for being a part of that story.

To be continued…

- Scooper-in-Chief